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Family life has changed in the 21st century. One in three families in Kentucky are single parent households, one in four children live below the federal poverty line. People are more stressed, anxious, and unhappy than ever. However, despite the ever present struggles in life, even in a place like Anderson County in the heart of the Bible belt, nearly 2/3 of people have no involvement in a religious community whatsoever. For many, the world is becoming a darker place. But, for most, the light of Christ is distant and unknown.

This is the problem that the Don Bosco Center was created to address. Many young families in our community have never known the profound love of Jesus Christ and have dismissed the good news of the gospel as being irrelevant to their lives. It is our goal, therefore, to help families in ways that are genuine and meaningful for the struggles of modern life, walking alongside them as living witnesses to the grace of God.

The Don Bosco Center is a ministry of St. Lawrence Roman Catholic Church, founded in order to better connect with the families of Lawrenceburg and Anderson County. The mission of The Don Bosco Center is to help young people and their families discover their beloved identity as children of God, welcoming all families into a supportive community, and seeking ways to strengthen the family unit.

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Education is one of the most important aspects of a young person’s life, with far reaching consequences for everything from career, to relationships, and even a individual’s sense of self-worth. For that reason, the Don Bosco Center has created its Academic Enrichment Programs. Click below to find out more.

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