Who We Are

The Don Bosco Center

at St. Lawrence Roman Catholic Church

Created in March 2020, The Don Bosco Center seeks to give real, practical help to the families of Lawrenceburg and Anderson County. Founded as an extension of St. Lawrence Catholic Church, the members of that congregation began to feel more and more troubled by the difficulty many families are experiencing in modern life. The fact of the matter is that family life looks different than it used to and that often means that the struggles of a family are different than they used to be. When the extreme burden of running a single parent household has become common, when a significant number of people do not live anywhere near extended family and therefore lack the social support that comes with that, or when families are so busy they can’t remember the last time they all sat down to eat dinner together, its clear that its time to find new, creative ways to serve both parents and children and strengthen the family unit.

And so The Don Bosco Center was created to begin this work of serving families. We seek to create a community of mutual support where all members of the household can thrive, built upon the foundation of Jesus Christ. Our hope is that no one should have to feel alone as we face the real needs of the future together.

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Don Bosco

“Young people should not only be loved, but should also know that they are loved.” -Don Giovanni Bosco

Don (the Italian word for Father) Giovanni Bosco was an Italian priest at the height of the industrial revolution. At a time when radical changes in technology resulted in radical changes in society, he was troubled when he looked around him and saw how many youth were being left behind in this new, modernized world that was emerging. He saw droves of children from working families, whose parents were at work all day, leaving them nothing to do but wander the streets and get into trouble. He knew that he could no longer sit by and let these young people fail to thrive. And so he started what he called an oratory, a house of prayer, where he not only instructed these youth in the Christian religion, but also cared for their physical and emotional needs, and arranged for them to be taught the practical skills they would need to take their place in the industrialized world.

It is in the spirit of Don Bosco that we continue his work today. We too live in a time where radical changes in technology have meant a radical change in society as a whole. And we too live in a time where some families and their children are being left behind. And so, by the grace of God, we pray that we can continue the work that Don Bosco started over a century ago in our own community by teaching the Christian faith, caring for people’s needs, and teaching the skills needed to keep up with a constantly changing world.

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