The Don Bosco Center Academic Enrichment Program

Enrollment for for the 2020-21 school year is now open!

Our Programs

Summer Program

It has been well documented that over summer break, without regularly engaging in reading and math, many students actually lose some of the skills they worked hard to learn throughout the school year. While those losses may not be worrisome over a single summer, the growing impact of that loss summer after summer can become substantial, leaving an otherwise intelligent and capable young person significantly below grade level in those areas. By the time students enter high school, a very real achievement gap begins to appear between those students who had access to summer enrichment and those who did not. It is our goal to close that gap in Anderson County.

This five week program is designed to prevent “summer slide” (the annual loss of skill in core areas like reading and math over the summer break) and in many cases has even been shown to improve student abilities beyond what they were at the end of the regular school year.

This is not summer school, we absolutely understand that kids need a break. Which is why we also offer a variety of enrichment activities throughout the summer to help our students stay engaged in the world around them in ways that are interesting, fun, and productive.

Currently, this program is only available for students that have completed grades 5-7.

Afterschool Program

When a young person has fallen behind in reading and math, it can seem impossible to catch up. As the class moves forward, the struggle of not only catching up but also keeping up can be overwhelming without help. The Afterschool Enrichment Program is designed to be that help.

The Afterschool Program meets every day that Anderson County schools are in session, and includes focused, personal instruction in reading and math. At the end of each day, there is also dedicated time for tutoring and homework help, ensuring your student gets the attention they need to be successful at school.

Currently, this program is only available for students in grades 6-8.

Partnered with Bellxcel

BellXcel is one of the largest evidence-based summer and afterschool learning programs in the U.S. The Don Bosco Center has partnered with BellXcel to provide a quality curriculum for students in Anderson County.

Visit BellXcel’s Website

Evidence Based

BellXcel is proven to help students make gains in reading and math. Their methods and techniques are continually being refined according to the latest research to ensure that we can deliver the greatest benefit to our students possible.

Read more about BellXcel’s evidence based approach

Measurable Outcomes

Your student won’t simply feel better about school, but will demonstrate objective signs of improvement. You and your student will know that our program is helping and will be able to celebrate your student’s progress.

Read more about BellXcel’s commitment to measurable outcomes

Tuition and Calendar

The Don Bosco Center is a ministry before anything else and we want families who desire this support for their children to feel like they have access to our quality programming. It is our desire that cost would not be a deterrent to any family taking advantage of the resources we have to offer. However, in order for this program to provide the quality that families deserve we do have to charge fees to every family. But there are a variety of ways we can assist you in overcoming the financial burden of this program. If tuition is a concern, please contact us to hear about financial assistance options that may be available for you.

The Summer Program has been cancelled this year due to concerns over Covid-19.

The Afterschool Program operates whenever Anderson County Public Schools are in session. The first day of school for the 2020-21 school year is scheduled for August 12. Tuition for the Afterschool Program is $75 per week.

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