Week 1: Backyard Birdfeeders

This week’s kit will be all about birds. Included will be everything your family needs to build a simple bird feeder, as well as an identification guide, made with the help of the National Audubon Society, with 24 common birds you can hope to see in your own backyard.

Instructions are included in the kit, but will also be posted below:

Supplies Needed

· 40 popsicle sticks

· (2) 30 inch pieces of twine

· 1 cup of bird seed

· Backyard Bird Guide

· Glue

Step 1: Assemble the Base

Assemble the base of the bird feeder. Arrange 10 sticks, side by side, into a rough square. Make sure the sticks are fit tightly together so that no seed falls through.

Step 2: Secure the Base

Secure the base. Glue one stick across the top of the square, perpendicular to the direction of the bottom layer of sticks. Each stick on the base should be attached to this stick so that they all stay in place. Repeat by gluing another stick across the bottom.

Step 3: Build the walls of the feeder

Build the walls of the feeder. Glue another two sticks perpendicular to the two you just placed. Do this 13 more times, alternating directions to create a something that looks like a log-cabin. Do not place the top two sticks yet.

Step 4: Attach twine to hang the feeder

Attach twine to hang the feeder with. Before gluing the top two sticks to the feeder, lay two sections of twine across the feeder. Glue the final sticks in place to as to secure the twine to the feeder.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Let it dry for a few hours before finishing. Tie the ends of the twine together. Before adding bird seed to the feeder, make sure the glue has thoroughly dried, otherwise the weight of the seed will cause the feeder to break. Once dried, hang the feeder outdoors! Be sure to pick a spot you can see from a window or comfortable sitting area!


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