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The Catholic Spirit

Did you know the word “Catholic” comes from the Greek word for universal? While the Don Bosco Center was founded as a ministry of St Lawrence Roman Catholic Church, it is in that “Catholic” spirit that we seek to partner with as many churches and congregations as possible to see our ministry come to fruition. Now more than ever, this is a time for the various Christian churches to come together in those areas where we can, especially when in regards to our common love for God and Humanity.

“But while he is steadily fixed in his religious principles in what he believes to be the truth as it is in Jesus; while he firmly adheres to that worship of God which he judges to be most acceptable in his sight; and while he is united by the tenderest and closest ties to one particular congregation, –his heart is enlarged toward all mankind, those he knows and those he does not; he embraces with strong and cordial affection neighbours and strangers, friends and enemies. This is catholic or universal love. And he that has this is of a catholic spirit. For love alone gives the title to this character: catholic love is a catholic spirit.

-John Wesley, the Founder of Methodism

We are excited to have two partner churches in Lawrenceburg, St. Lawrence Roman Catholic Church and Lawrenceburg United Methodist Church. We are always looking for more partners, feel free to contact us if your church would like to get involved and support our mission!

St. Lawrence Roman Catholic Church

Mass times are at 5:30 on Saturday Nights and 9:30 on Sunday mornings.

Lawrenceburg United Methodist Church

Sunday morning worship is at 11:00. Sunday School is at 10:00

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